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Certified Family Life Educator
Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Those who know me say that my strong desire to provide families with the necessary education, support, and evidence-based knowledge when they desire it most is quickly noticed and my warm-approach in doing so is always appreciated. I like to think that my life work encompasses the best of several worlds; When I’m not serving clients as a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, you can find me either educating families within my Certified Family Life Educator role or positively impacting lives within my profession as a Social Worker at a local foster care/adoption agency. 

I enjoy working with parents of all ages, both first-time and seasoned parents, families of different racial/ethnic backgrounds, of varying cultural beliefs, and diverse family structures. And though I have worked with children of all ages, the newborn and infancy period remain my specialty. I have an extensive history of experience and training specifically relating to the 4th trimester (the first three months of baby and mommy’s postpartum life) and when working with families, expertise areas include:

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Direct Assistance & Education w/ Newborn Care

  • Including but not limited to; feeding, age-appropriate sleep, assistance establishing a daily routine, baby soothing and parent attachment/bonding.

Baby Safety Practices

  • Including car seat safety and appropriate use

Physical & Emotional Postpartum Support for New Parents

Non-judgmental Encouragement and Evidence-based Advice

Read what families have to say about me

What led me to become interested in postpartum support?

Not yet a mother myself, I have somehow still always been considered the go-to person for my friends and family when it relates to pregnancy, birth, newborns, and raising little ones and, for some reason this knowledge and the ability to support new parents has always come naturally to me. In the past I have fostered 11 children (the youngest being 2 days old, discharged to me from the hospital) and since returning to social work, I quickly realized that I really missed being more hands-on with babies and in the home interacting with families. I couldn’t think of a better way to fulfill my passion-tank than through postpartum doula work.

What is the best gift that I can give to new parents that work with me?

Support! Trust me when I say that you’ll need more support throughout your postpartum journey than you realize. My goal is to provide your family with an all-embracing approach of support that involves physical recovery time, emotional relief, confidence enhancement regarding your parenting abilities, and as much reassurance as you can take. Best of all, I can gift you worry-free time to rest both your mind and your body while baby is well-cared for!

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