Since 2014 I have been educating parents, both new and experienced (and family members) on various areas of interest as they anxiously await and prepare for their new little one to arrive. I take pride in strengthening families by providing you with quality knowledge and the on-demand support that you need.


Take a look at current offerings below! 

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Newborn Car Seat Safety Training

(Offered In-Person & Virtually)

Are you an expecting parent seeking to be 100% ready when the new baby arrives? Are your friends and family equipped with the appropriate knowledge to safely secure and transport your precious cargo? Did you know that 95% of infant car seats have at least one major installation error? 

This training reviews the "need to know" of  infant car seats including installation, AAP recommended safety practices, and hands-on instruction.

$25/per person

Discounted pricing when 3 or more participants book a training session together

Car Seat Safety Training Full Package

(1-on-1, Couples, or Groups)

Are you wondering if it's time to transition your little one from their infant car seat to a convertible? Do you know how to tell if your toddler is appropriately secured within their car seat? Did you know that 77% of children are turned forward-facing too soon?


This training reviews the basics of car seat safety including appropriate car seat selection, proper installation, safety practices, and hands-on instruction.


A great resource for first-timers and refreshers!


We'll review a basic overview of the following:

  • Infant Car Seat

  • Convertible Car Seat

  • Rear-facing only Car Seat

  • Forward-facing only Car Seat

  • Booster Seats

$30/per person

Discounted pricing when 3 or more participants book a training session together

Small & Large Group Training Also Available

Check back for more updates!




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